Advanced Internet Searches

Being Digitally Literate?
It requires:
Searching and navigating the Web safely and effectively
Using presentation software
Using graphing calculators
Using Blogs

For 21st Century learners it also requires:
Acquiring new knowledge and skills
Connectincg new information with existing knowledge
Analyzing information
Developing habits of learning
Working with others to use information

How to evaluate a website
Evaluation Criteria

Evaluate these sites for validity!
The Museum of Hoaxes
The Smoking Gun
Golf Cross
The Official Kresky Home Page
The White House
Eastern Active Technologies
Primate Programming Inc.

Internet Search Tools
Subject Guide: SailOn
Directory: Yahoo Directory
Search Engine: Google
Meta-search Engines: Metacrawler

Sharpening Skills:
Researching Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Catching the misinformation:
Wayback Machine

Lesson Plans
Strategies for Analyzing a Controversial Topic
Noodle Tools
Teaching with Documents
National Archives
Visual Literacy
Noodle Tools 2
Deconstructing a Web Site
Noodle Tools 3